In October 2013, we polled users of protein analysis products in the U.S. to understand how, if at all, budget sequestration has affected their lab’s purchase of protein analysis products.  Results reveal that both non-profit and for-profit researchers are impacted by budget sequestration as approximately 56% of non-profit and 29% of for-profit respondents indicated budget sequestration has definitely affected their lab’s purchasing habits for protein analysis products.

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Figure 1: Effect of budget sequestration on purchasing practices for protein analysis products – U.S. researchers. (Q. “Please indicate how (if at all), budget sequestration has affected your lab’s purchasing habits for protein analysis products.)

Respondents that indicated having been significantly affected by budget sequestration were further probed to get a better understanding of how they are adjusting to this reality.  Researchers indicated they are adjusting to tighter budgets for protein analysis reagents in two main ways: 30.4% are using protein analysis reagents sparingly (for only certain experiments) and an additional 26.7% are trying to obtain better bulk pricing from preferred vendors as shown in the figure.  Additionally, 15.6% are making protein analysis reagents from scratch and 11.1% are trying to buy individual reagents and not kits. Fewer than 10% are shopping around to other vendors or decreasing protein analysis services through the core and doing it themselves.

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Figure 2: How users of protein analysis products affected by U.S. budget sequestration are adapting their purchasing practices for protein analysis products. (Q. “In what way has budget sequestration affected your lab’s purchasing habits for protein analysis products?” Choose one answer that best reflects your current situation)

Does this data intrigue you? Would you like to discuss it? If so, give us a call or contact us by email. We can work with you to further understand current and future trends for particular customer segments and/or protein analysis product groups. Additionally our Series 2 Protein Electrophoresis and Western Analysis Dashboard (North America and Europe) will be available in December 2013.