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Product Development and Pricing


Optimizing opportunities

Product vitality is essential to growth.

Not every product is going to be a blockbuster. But Percepta will help simplify many of the complex decisions required during the new product development or product update process to help your portfolio stay vital. Employing a combination of research tools tailored to your product or concept, Percepta will identify customer-defined product design preferences, model adoption rates and optimize price points. Methods employed include:

This timely and relevant market knowledge will help guide your product development team and support credible product configurations that will resonate with your customer.

Pricing smart

Getting the price right shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Price too high and sales suffer – too low and profits vanish. The Percepta team has years of practical product development and pricing experience. Our deep understanding of the space means that that you can rely on Percepta to be an extension of your own internal expertise, helping you hone in on the best pricing strategy, right from the start.

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