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Ad Concept and Message Testing


Find what resonates with your target audience

Gather objective feedback before you invest.

Few topics are as fiercely debated within life science companies as those about advertising concepts and messaging. The availability of market feedback can put such arguments to rest. At Percepta, our extensive background in developing, testing and implementing life science marketing campaigns globally makes us the ideal partner for your ad concept and message testing. Our fine-tuned approach repeatedly delivers value with qualitative and quantitative feedback that guides decision-making processes to ultimately support improved returns on your marketing investment downstream.

Our quantitative and qualitative approaches

We tailor each methodology to suit your needs.

At Percepta we offer a range of methodologies to evaluate core attributes of your marketing campaign, such as ad appeal, memorability and strength of desired call to action. After understanding the goals of your research, we will select and tailor a concept and message testing methodology to ideally suit your project goals, budget and timeline. We tailor one of the following methodologies for your research project:

  • Eye tracking – using advanced camera and computing technology to precisely measure visual behavior, eye tracking provides a range of analysis options and visualizations to answer a variety of advertising research questions. To provide the most rounded and rich feedback, we recommend pairing eye tracking data with short qualitative interviews. Learn More
  • Online surveys – generally up to 4 different concepts and/or messages are presented and rated/compared by respondents in online survey format. Both quantitative feedback and qualitative comments are gathered using this approach. Learn More
  • Telephone interviews – this approach enables you to present concepts and/or messages to potential customers and get their feedback in real-time. The interviewer engages the interviewee in a qualitative discussion on the key attributes of importance to the campaign and to advertising in general.
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