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Industry Focus


Research, applied and medical life science markets

Serving biotools suppliers, technology groups and investment firms.

Unlike many consulting firms, we don’t cover other industry sectors. We focus on what we know best – Life Sciences. We are in step with our clients, many of which are leveraging their research technologies to expand into adjacent applied and medical markets. Our clients include industry-leading, medium-sized and start-up companies in major North American, European and Asian markets.

“I find Percepta to be knowledgeable about the life science market (customers and competition), incredibly professional, and able to get up-and-running much more quickly than other research firms I’ve worked with.”

Marketing Director – Global Research Instrument and Reagent Supplier

Coverage for the life science spectrum

Supporting our clients with expert knowledge and tailored approaches.

Percepta supports life science companies through collaborative and tailored primary market research and consulting as well as off-the-shelf market intelligence. We do this through deployment to our global panel of life scientists who span many segments of the market and include multiple scientific communities.

Our focus includes:


“They know the market space, I don’t need to spend the time bringing them up to speed on the market and language.”

Marketing Director – Global Research Instrument and Reagent Supplier

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