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Our Global Scientist Panel

60,000 Strong and Growing.

Percepta maintains a global panel of over 60,000 life scientists and their purchasing and procurement associates, with access to hundreds of thousands more. To guarantee the accuracy of your market research project, whether it requires 10 telephone interviews or hundreds of online survey respondents, Percepta has created a panel that sets the industry standard for global reach and participant characterization. Our panel members work in all job levels in research, applied and medical bioscience markets in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific as well as in emerging regions across the globe. This allows us to easily align the goals and objectives of your project with the ideal participant group.

The right audience for the best answers.

Just as Percepta’s experienced team will help you select the most effective market research method for your specific project, our targeted panel allows us to choose the most credible participant group based on your goals and objectives. The result: your project will have accurate data and reliable strategic recommendations as a foundation to guide you to the best possible outcomes for your business.
We profile scientific panelists across the following criteria:

  • Specific job title (from lab technician and graduate student through core facilities director, principal investigator, project/group leader and CSO, including hands-on users and supervisory roles)
  • Place of employment (academia, hospital, non-profit, biotech & pharma, diagnostics, CRO, etc.)
  • Geography (country, region)
  • Laboratory methodologies used (e.g. real-time PCR, next-generation sequencing, flow cytometry, fluorescent imaging, etc.)
  • Research specialization (e.g. molecular biology, bioprocessing/bioproduction, neuroscience, regenerative medicine, oncology research, etc.)
  • Type of research performed (e.g. basic research, translational research, clinical research, applied research, etc.)

“They specialize in the life sciences industry and have their own panel of respondents on-hand for the different types of research I need. This means that you can quickly come up to speed on a project and also deliver high quality results quickly.”

Global Brand Manager – Global Research Instrument and Reagent Supplier

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