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Our process

Each project is a unique, collaborative effort.

Percepta follows a proven, collaborative process that has evolved from hundreds of clients interactions since our inception in 2005. After an initial inquiry is received from a customer, we schedule a discussion with the project sponsor that allows us to understand the project basics, including a first look at goals and objectives, the project timeline, and the desired target audience. This allows us to craft a customized project proposal, which summarizes the project and provides a detailed budget for the work. A typical project is composed of three foundational phases:

  • Internal Analysis: discussions with project stakeholders
  • External Analysis: quantitative and/or qualitative data gathering
  • Synthesis and Conclusions: Distillation of key findings into actionable knowledge and recommendations

“I have always enjoyed working with Percepta. Being new to Life Sciences I always learned something new when working with them.”

Global Brand Manager – Global Research Instrument and Reagent Supplier

Phase 1: We talk to you

Once Percepta partners with your team, we begin the internal analysis phase. During this phase you provide us with any internal input and information relevant to the project, such as:

  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • Existing market research (internal and 3rd party)
  • Advertising, marketing and promotional collateral (as appropriate)
  • Competitive intelligence

The most important element of the Internal Analysis phase is the key stakeholder interviews. While keeping your time commitment to a minimum, Percepta conducts interviews with relevant team members in your organization to provide a broad range of informed perspectives on your needs and issues. Key stakeholder interviews also serve to help refine project goals and objectives and provide a foundation of information that helps us select the most suitable research method(s) to employ for your project.

Phase 2: We talk to the market

Percepta is a marketing services consultancy that believes timely relevant market research should be part of the foundation of informed business decisions. As a result, most projects include some form of market research and at the heart of any market research effort is the voice of the customer. We rely on our experience and the information gathered during the internal analyses to help us design the most effective ways to capture the customer’s voice. This often depends on the nature of the feedback required, the demographics and size of the desired audience and the required level of technical expertise.

Upon choosing the appropriate research methodologies, the Percepta team will design surveys and/or discussion guides using question formats that are non-biased, unambiguous, and yield the most actionable findings and recommendations.

We handle all of the logistics required for study execution, including fielding the questionnaire to the target audience, scheduling and conducting interviews, organizing and moderating focus groups, and when appropriate – achieving a statistically relevant sample size. We also fulfill any obligations related to participant incentives.

Phase 3: Your bioscience questions answered

Once the data collection has been completed, our team will analyze the study findings and distill them into actionable knowledge that will help drive your business decisions. Throughout Synthesis and Conclusions, the final step of the Percepta process, we rely on our extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry to generate a detailed list of fact-based findings and the possible implications to your business. As a final deliverable, we incorporate these discoveries and their consequences into a comprehensive written report, along with any other materials or presentations that are warranted.

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