Qiagen’s dominant position has eroded in seven of the fifteen segments surveyed, resulting in other suppliers share gain

Carlsbad, Calif. – On June 30th Percepta Associates released its 2016 Nucleic Acid Purification, Series 5 Life Science Dashboard™ report which draws comparisons to key market indicator data reported in Percepta’s 2013 Series 4 Dashboard report.   This updated dashboard reveals a significant drop in the number of researchers isolating/purifying nucleic acids since 2013. The reduced number of end-users, combined with a reported drop in the cost per isolation, results in a relative revenue drop for some segments.  However, the report projects unit growth in the next year for 14 out of 15 of the segments monitored yielding $1.15 billion in revenues in 2017.  Among the fastest growing segments is isolation of DNA for next-generation sequencing (NGS).

The market leader Qiagen’s share in 7 of the 15 product segments surveyed has declined markedly (based on share of mentions as primary supplier).  Share gainers in specific segments included Macherey Nagel, Sigma/EMD Millipore, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Illumina and others.

Percepta reports over 50% of users are interested in switching products in NGS (RNA) library prep and microRNA purification segments in 2016 Nucleic Acid Purification Life Science Dashboard™.  Drivers of switching are revealed in this new report.

This report provides rapid access to actionable key market indicators for the nucleic acid purification market, including market size and growth rate, supplier share of mention, customer satisfaction/ propensity to switch and end-user downstream applications, in an ‘at a glance’ easy to understand format, for the following market segments in North America and Europe:

  • Gel extraction
  • Post-reaction cleanup (i.e. PCR, enzyme digestion)
  • Plasmid DNA minipreps (1-2 ml culture)
  • Plasmid DNA midipreps (5-50 ml culture)
  • Plasmid DNA maxipreps (100 ml culture or more)
  • Genomic DNA from cells or tissue
  • Genomic DNA from whole blood
  • Genomic DNA from FFPE tissue
  • NGS library prep (DNA) (refers to reagent kits for DNA fragmentation, end repair, adaptor ligation, size selection, etc. for whole genome, targeted and/or de novo sequencing applications)
  • NGS library prep (RNA) (refers to reagent kits for fragmentation, size selection, linker ligation, etc. for RNA seq applications)
  • Total RNA from cells or tissue
  • Total RNA from whole blood
  • Total RNA from FFPE tissue
  • mRNA
  • microRNA


The 2016 Nucleic Acid Purification Dashboard™ was developed from responses to a 25-question survey completed by 615 scientists located in North America and Europe and is focused on the use of nucleic acid purification products in the life science research market.

The following suppliers were surveyed for this report:

Active Motif



BD Biosciences

Beckman Coulter/Agencourt

Bio Basic

Bioo Scientific



GE Healthcare



Kapa Biosystems


Macherey Nagel

MP Biomedicals/Qbiogene

New England Biolabs

Omega Bio-Tek



Roche Applied Science

Sigma Aldrich/EMD Millipore/Merck/Novagen


Thermo Fisher Scientific/Life Technologies/Invitrogen/Ambion

Zymo Research

To view report sample data, order the report or for more information visit https://www.perceptaassociates.com/reports/2016-nucleic-acid-purification-dashboard-series-5-na-eu/

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