New Nucleic Acid Purification Series 2 Life Science Dashboard™ from Percepta Associates projects significant growth in microRNA and total RNA purification segments

Carlsbad, Calif. – June 23, 2009 – Today Percepta Associates launched its 2009 Nucleic Acid Purification Series 2 Life Science Dashboard™ market research report which draws comparisons to key market indicator data reported in Percepta’s 2007 Nucleic Acid Dashboard. This updated dashboard reveals significant changes in end user habits related to both the frequency of nucleic acid isolation purification use as well as monthly throughput. This report provides rapid access to actionable key market indicators for the nucleic acid purification market, such as market size, competitive share, growth rates, customer satisfaction/ propensity to switch and end-user practices, in an ‘at a glance’ easy to understand format, for the following nucleic acid purification research market segments:

  • Plasmid DNA miniprep, midiprep and maxiprep
  • Genomic DNA isolated from cells/tissue
  • Genomic DNA isolated from whole blood
  • RNA isolated from cells/tissue
  • RNA isolated from whole blood
  • mRNA
  • microRNA

Driven primarily by purification automation, higher median throughput is revealed for many product segments resulting in overall growth for the nucleic acid purification market as a whole. However, the Nucleic Acid Purification Dashboard shows a notable decrease in breadth of usage among the nine nucleic acid purification research market segments studied among researchers in the US and Europe – respondents indicate they use an average of just over three of the nine nucleic acid purification techniques, which is down from an average of just under five indicated in 2007. The Dashboard also analyzes current primary and secondary applications for each nucleic acid purification segment, uncovering key downstream application changes in the past two years.

The Nucleic Acid Purification Dashboard shows Qiagen (NASDAQ: QGEN) continues to be the leading nucleic acid purification supplier in most market segments surveyed. Other leading suppliers that have gained market share include Life Technologies (NASDAQ: LIFE) Invitrogen brand, and Applied Biosystems brand as well as the privately held Promega Corporation. However, in four of the nine nucleic acid purification product categories surveyed, more than 40% of respondents are considering switching suppliers primarily for reasons of product performance or price, which is a 10% increase compared to results uncovered in Percepta’s 2007 Nucleic Acid Dashboard.

Nucleic acid purification is one of the few basic methods ubiquitous among scientists using molecular biology techniques to investigate processes such as gene expression, genetic diversity, protein function and molecular interactions. The Nucleic Acid Purification Dashboard was developed from responses to a 20-question survey of 488 scientists predominantly located in North America and Europe.

“This new nucleic acid purification report is a valuable resource for Product and Marketing Managers to rapidly access pertinent and current information about the still evolving nucleic acid purification research market” said Mike Klein, Principal at Percepta. “The nucleic acid purification market is important, as it is the first step in many life science application workflows.”

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