In the recent few quarters Percepta has experienced an increase in demand for studies relating to better serving the pharmaceutical industry. The focus of the studies have varied considerably but the trend is evident. This tells us bio-tools companies are getting more serious about tailoring an offering to the drug discovery and development market that will resonate with the end-user.

For years the pharmaceutical companies have been telling bio-tools companies that they have all the right pieces of the puzzle and they only need to put them together to form the picture they are looking for. Are bio-tools companies putting the individual components of their portfolio together in new ways to position them for drug development applications? Some are and with reasonable success. Others are discovering that there are gaps that need filling – which is also good information with which to take action. The important thing is they are asking the end-user what they need (market driven) rather than filling a catalog or website with a pile of products and hoping they figure it out for themselves. As Seth Godin has pointed out in many ways and in many blog posts; ”People are moved by stories and drama and hints and clues and discovery.” Now bio-tool company marketers need to put it all together in a story that will speak to the pharmaceutical people.

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