Carlsbad, Calif. – November 9, 2016 – Today Percepta Associates released its 2016 Quantitative Immunoassay, Series 3 Life Science Dashboard™ report which draws comparisons to key market indicator data reported in Percepta’s 2013 Series 2 Dashboard report.   This updated dashboard reveals increased usage of all immunoassay methods surveyed except for colorimetric ELISA, with the best growth opportunities in chemiluminescent ELISA and electrochemiluminescent immunoassay segments.  Percepta surveyed 600 qualified scientists from North America and Europe who currently use immunoassay methods. This report compares 2016 findings with those from 2013 to reveal trends over time. Report methods surveyed:

  • Colorimetric ELISA
  • Chemiluminescent ELISA
  • Fluorescent ELISA
  • Electrochemiluminescent immunoassay
  • Bead-based immunoassay
  • Luminex X-MAP assays

A majority of respondents prefer fully optimized immunoassay kit format however, increasing preference is observed for individually optimized reagents in 4 of the 6 segments surveyed.  Significantly increased need for multiplex immunoassays in comparison to 2013 Dashboard findings are reported.

Thermo Fisher Scientific leads share of spend in 4 of the 6 product segments surveyed.  Other prominent suppliers include MilliporeSigma, R&D Systems, BD Biosciences, Luminex, Meso Scale Discovery and Bio-Rad.

This updated Dashboard, provides valuable insights into the Quantitative Immunoassay market including the following key metrics: market size & growth rates, market share/spend, reaction throughput rates. customer satisfaction & propensity to switch, competitive landscape, perceived pricing, technique usage frequency, downstream applications and desired product changes

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