Nucleic Acid Purification Series 3 Life Science DashboardTM from Percepta Associates shows Qiagen market share declines in small scale plasmid isolation offset by gains in total RNA purification segments

Carlsbad, Calif. – October 17, 2011 – Today Percepta Associates announces the launch of the 2011 Nucleic Acid Purification Series 3 Life Science DashboardTM market research report, providing rapid access to actionable key market indicators for the nucleic acid purification market. The 2011 Dashboard draws comparisons to market data reported in Percepta’s 2007 and 2009 Nucleic Acid Purification Dashboards, including market size, competitive shares, growth rates, customer satisfaction/propensity to switch, and end-user practices, in an ‘at a glance’ easy to understand format, allowing suppliers of products for nucleic acid isolation to easily track the effectiveness of marketing strategies and tactics over time. Market segments analyzed, including several new areas of focus, are as follows:

  • NEW SEGMENT Gel extraction
  • NEW SEGMENT Post-reaction cleanup (i.e. PCR, enzyme digestion)
  • Plasmid DNA minipreps (1-2 ml culture)
  • Plasmid DNA midipreps (5-50 ml culture)
  • Plasmid DNA maxipreps (100 ml culture or more)
  • Genomic DNA from cells or tissue
  • Genomic DNA from whole blood
  • NEW SEGMENT Genomic DNA from FFPE tissue
  • Total RNA from cells or tissue
  • Total RNA from whole blood
  • NEW SEGMENT Total RNA from FFPE tissue
  • mRNA
  • microRNA

The Nucleic Acid Purification Series 3 Life Science DashboardTM reveals that Qiagen (NASDAQ: QGEN) continues in its position as market leader in each of the reagent segments surveyed with a market share exceeding 50% in 9 of the 13 segments analyzed. Life Technologies (NASDAQ:LIFE) and Promega represent Qiagen’s closest competitors in 11 of the 13 segments, while homemade reagents still play a key role in a relatively small subset of research laboratories. Qiagen’s market share has increased in the total RNA market segments, offsetting a decline in market share evident some of the plasmid DNA purification segments.

The Nucleic Acid Purification Series 3 Life Science DashboardTM also analyzes current primary and secondary applications for each nucleic acid purification segment, uncovering key downstream application changes observed over the past four years. “While the percentage of scientists purifying DNA for next generation sequencing experiments is currently significantly smaller than such traditional downstream applications as cloning, transfection and amplification, all evidence points to substantial growth in the use of purified nucleic acid templates on next-gen sequencing platforms in the near future,” said Scott Provost, Principal at Percepta. Other key observations include a substantial drop-off in the percentage of scientists performing plasmid DNA minipreps and isolating mRNA, total RNA from whole blood and genomic DNA from whole blood.

Nucleic acid purification has long been a necessary precursor to gene cloning and DNA sequencing as well as the analyses of gene expression, genetic diversity, protein function and molecular interactions. The Nucleic Acid Purification Series 3 Life Science DashboardTM was developed from responses to a 22- question survey completed by a diverse group of 506 scientists predominantly located in North America and Europe.

To view nucleic acid purification dashboard sample data and the survey questionnaire visit:

Life Science DashboardsTM are readily accessible sources of current, segment-specific, market research. Designed and implemented by industry veterans, each dashboard provides key life science market indicators compiled from the survey responses of qualified decision-makers and researchers actively using life science research products. Unlike other market research reports, Percepta’s Dashboards feature an “at-a-glance” format that provides rapid access to actionable key market indicators in an easy to understand framework, including:

  • Market size
  • Market share
  • Market growth and sample/reaction throughput rates
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Propensity to switch
  • Competitive intensity
  • Perceived pricing
  • Top suppliers
  • Technique usage frequency
  • Fastest growing techniques
  • Primary downstream applications

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