New report reveals the cell culture research market is expected to grow to nearly $600 million in 2011, but experiencing declining growth across sub segments

Carlsbad, Calif. – September 7, 2010 – Today, Percepta Associates launched its Series Three Cell Culture Life Science DashboardTM market research report. Unique to this Series are comparisons and trends based on key market indicator data relayed in Series One (February 2007) and Series Two (December 2008) of the Percepta Life Science Dashboards. In addition, the report provides information on key market indicators, such as market size, competitive share, growth rates, customer satisfaction/propensity to switch and end-user practices. In this report, Life Technologies’ (NASDAQ: LIFE) Invitrogen/Gibco brands continues to hold a market leadership position in all seven segments of the cell culture research market, which encompasses the following sub segments:

  • Basal media
  • Fetal bovine serum
  • Other animal sera
  • Balanced salt solutions
  • Serum free media
  • Growth and attachment factors

Life Technologies’ closest competitor, Sigma-Aldrich (NASDAQ: SIAL) ranks a close second in five of the seven market segments surveyed. Of particular interest, Sigma has made significant progress in capturing market share in the dry powdered media segment and now shares market leadership alongside the Invitrogen/Gibco brand in this category. Other leading suppliers include Thermo Fisher Scientific/HyClone (NYSE: TMO). Additionally, some suppliers have demonstrated a high gain in market share in various sub segments.

While Life Technologies continues to dominate the cell culture market, in three product categories more than 30% of survey respondents indicated an interest to switch suppliers. This interest in switching is driven mostly by a desire for a lower priced product. Additionally, in one product category just over 10% of survey respondents indicated that they have switched suppliers within the past six months.

Growth in the market, while overall positive, has slowed when compared to Percepta’s Series One and Series Two Cell Culture Dashboards. Nevertheless, the cell culture basic research market continues to remain large, with estimates placing the total market size at nearly $600 million by 2011.

The Cell Culture Dashboard was created from the aggregated responses to a 22-question survey completed by more than 500 scientists who predominately reside in North America or Europe and are diversely employed in academia and industry.

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