Interest in Switching Suppliers Up Significantly Compared to the 2007 Life Science Dashboard™ from Percepta Associates

Carlsbad, Calif. – October 6th, 2008 – Today Percepta Associates released Series Two of its Gene Silencing Life Science Dashboard™ market research report. This report, which analyzes key market indicators, such as market size and market growth rate, for specific gene silencing segments, reveals that Applied Biosystems (NYSE:ABI), Amaxa (SWX:Lonn) and Invitrogen (NASDAQ:IVGN), are leading suppliers of research products and kits for gene silencing and gene knockdown researchers. ThermoFisher Scientific (NYSE:TMO), Sigma-Aldrich (NASDAQ:SIAL), Roche Applied Sciences, a division of Roche Diagnostics (VTX:ROG.VX), Bio-Rad Laboratories (AMEX:BIO) and Qiagen (NASDAQ:QGEN) share leadership in specific gene silencing application segments in this 2008 report. Gene silencing is a powerful method of artificially inducing a shutdown of specific targeted genes expressed in cells. Gene silencing methods are increasingly used in gene function studies, drug target validation, and the development of therapeutics.
Product application segments analyzed in this new Gene Silencing Life Science Dashboard™ are:

  • RNAi screens using siRNA libraries
  • In vivo induction of siRNA from a plasmid
  • In vivo digestion of long dsRNA using dicer enzymes
  • Expression of siRNA in vitro
  • Use of PCR mediated expression cassettes to generate siRNAs
  • Instrument-mediated delivery of synthetic siRNA into cells
  • Lipid-mediated delivery of synthetic siRNA into cells
  • Instrument-mediated delivery of plasmid encoding siRNA into cells
  • Lipid-mediated delivery of plasmid encoding siRNA into cells
  • Viral delivery of siRNA vectors into cells
  • Use of reporter systems to track gene knockdown

Drawing comparisons to the findings of Series One Gene Silencing dashboard, published in February 2007, Percepta reports a growing dissatisfaction among researchers using gene silencing products. Greater than 50% of researchers surveyed, spanning all 11 application segments analyzed, indicated that they would be willing to switch products or suppliers for better performance, service, or price. This is a measurable shift from last year’s dashboard where only 5 of 10 segments showed similar willingness to switch products or suppliers.

“Generally, once a scientist has a method working they are reticent to switch the reagents they are using” said Mike Klein of Percepta. “The fact that more than half of the surveyed researchers that use siRNA products are willing to switch suggest there is a considerable level of dissatisfaction in this market. This presents an opportunity for all suppliers to review their product offering and if necessary make incremental improvements to gain share. This is why Percepta’s Life Sciences Dashboards™ regularly include this type of bellwether information.”

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Life Science Dashboards™ are readily accessible sources of current, segment-specific, market
research. Designed and implemented by industry veterans, each dashboard provides key life science market indicators compiled from the survey responses of qualified decision-makers and
researchers actively using life science research products.

Unlike other market research reports, Percepta’s Dashboards feature an “at-a-glance” format that provides rapid access to actionable key market indicators in an easy to understand framework, including:

  • Market share
  • Market growth and reaction throughput rates
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Propensity to switch
  • Competitive intensity
  • Perceived pricing
  • Top suppliers
  • Technique usage frequency
  • Fastest growing techniques
  • Primary and secondary downstream applications

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