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Top Bioinformatics Concerns for NGS Researchers


10th Oct, 2013

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What are the top bioinformatics concerns for researchers that perform next-generation sequencing? We wanted to understand their “top of mind” concerns and not prompt users with a list of potential answers from which to choose.  So, we asked over 400 scientists in government, private, commercial and academic labs in the United States, all involved in performing next generation sequencing,…

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NGS in the Clinic: NIH Awards $8M Grant for Pre-Conception Whole Genome Sequencing Study


26th Jul, 2013

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The Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research was awarded $8.1 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct a novel clinical trial using whole genome sequencing to test women and their partners, before they actually conceive, for mutations that could cause rare, but serious diseases in their offspring.

The project is part of the Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research…

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