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Snapshot of Researcher Practices & Supplier Preferences: Gene Expression Profiling Market (US) -

GEP 2014 Cover Publication Date: February 2014
Company-wide electronic copy: Complimentary



The objectives of this study include understanding the level to which US researchers perform certain types of gene expression profiling (GEP) experiments and which commercial suppliers of GEP products first come to mind for each experimental situation. In addition to these objectives, the study also evaluated general end-user perspectives on the importance of a simplified workflow in GEP experiments as well as why end-users do not buy from certain suppliers.

This market snapshot report summarizes results of Percepta’s survey of current US GEP researchers as it relates to understanding end-user usage of:

  • Gene expression profiling using FFPE samples
  • Multiplex gene expression profiling
  • Gene expression profiling using precious or limited samples
  • As well as evaluating:
  • Importance of simplified workflows

Researchers were asked to answer our online survey questionnaire by either choosing an answer from a menu of options (aided) or they were asked to fill in a “free text” field for each question (unaided).

The survey monitored:

  • The experimental method used for Gene Expression Profiling (real time-PCR, RNA-seq, microarrays, digital gene expression, etc.)
  • The incidence of 1) Gene Expression Profiling on FFPE samples, 2) multiplexed Gene Expression Profiling studies and 3) Gene Expression Profiling on precious or limited samples
  • Importance of simplified Gene Expression Profiling workflows
  • Awareness of and preference for suppliers of Gene Expression Profiling products
  • End-user reasons for selecting preferred suppliers

Percepta targeted a minimum of 300 U.S. researchers within our proprietary global panel of active researchers (+60,000) for this study. A majority are employed in academic universities, colleges and medical schools and the remainder is in pharma and biotech companies. All qualified participants received financial compensation in consideration of their time and opinion. (See Appendix for details of respondent demographics).

This study was fielded in late 2013 to over 1100 invitees resulting in 304 qualified participants. All qualified participants received a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate in consideration of their time and input.


Please download the free report using the “Free Report” tab (below)

Please download the free report using the “Free Report” tab (below)

Free Report - GEP Snapshot 2014

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