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2022 Flow Cytometry Dashboard Series 2 – NA & EU -

2022 Flow Cytometry Dashboard Series 2 - NA EUCatalog number: 2201FLW
Publication date: January 2022
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Flow cytometry is a powerful method available to scientists studying Immunology, cell biology, cancer, infectious disease, and many other areas of research to investigate processes such as cell function, cell types, target identification, protein function and cellular interactions. As life science suppliers continue to improve products and services in the flow cytometry market, flow cytometry experiment kits and reagents represent a significant market within the life sciences industry.

Percepta’s 2021 Flow Cytometry Life Science Dashboard™ is the first in a series that characterizes the dynamic market for reagent products for flow cytometry experiments.

This 2022 Dashboard provides a snapshot of the current market landscape for flow cytometry reagents in North America and Europe.

The 2022 flow cytometry Dashboard™ was developed from responses to a 31-question survey completed by 416 scientists located in North America and Europe. This Dashboard reveals key market indicators for the flow cytometry market as a whole as well as for the following techniques representing market sub-segments:

  • Primary antibodies directly labeled with fluorophores
  • Secondary antibodies directly labeled with fluorophores
  • Kits or reagents for labeling your antibodies with fluorophores in your laboratory
  • Flow Cytometry Instruments (summary overview)

The following suppliers were surveyed for this report:

  • Abcam
  • Abnova
  • Agilent/Dako
  • AnaSpec
  • Beckman Coulter
  • BD Biosciences
  • BioLegend
  • Bio-Rad
  • Cell Signaling Technologies
  • Cytiva
  • Genscript
  • Jackson Immunoresearch
  • MilliporeSigma/Merck
  • Miltenyi
  • Perkin Elmer
  • R&D Systems/Novus/Biotechne
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnologies
  • Serotech
  • Southern Biotech
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific/Invitrogen/eBioscience/Caltag

5          Executive Summary

8           Dashboard “At A Glance”

12           Market Opportunity Matrix

14         Respondents Qualification

16         Demographics

19         Frequency of Performance: Life Science Techniques

22         Frequency of Performance: Flow Cytometry

31         Co-Performance: Flow Cytometry Experiments & Life Science Techniques

34         Throughput, Growth Rates, Price & Monthly Spend

44         Market Size

46         Preferred Dyes and Analytes Detected

51         Flow Cytometry Sample Processing Limitations and Desired Product Changes

66         Percent of Spend with Suppliers by Segment (Share of Budget)

75         Customer Satisfaction & Interest in Switching

79          Purchase Decision Factors: Flow Cytometry Reagent Features

84         Primary Research Focus and Protein Categories

89         Flow Cytometry Instruments: Manufacturers and Access

95         Flow Cytometry Instruments: Product Features and Purchase Plans

106         Appendix I: Supporting Data

119         Appendix II: Percepta Capabilities and Life Science Dashboards™ Available

2022 Flow Cytometry Dashboard Series 5 – NA & EU

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