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2015 Mammalian Cell Culture Dashboard Series 5 – NA & EU -

Mammalian Cell Culture Dashboard CoverCatalog number: 1512CCT
Publication date: December 2015
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The growth and propagation of mammalian cells in culture is a routine but critical precursor to the investigation of such fundamental cellular processes as gene expression and protein function and to the development of therapeutics.  Cell culture products are widely used not only by scientists working with traditional cell lines but also by researchers engaged in experiments with model systems as stem cells and engineered cell lines.

Percepta’s 2015 Cell Culture Dashboard™, the fifth in a series of reports, examines the characteristics and dynamics of the market for mammalian cell culture products. This 2015 Dashboard provides a snapshot of the current market landscape that has been compared with data from the 2012 Cell Culture Dashboards, providing an ongoing story of how the market is adapting to new products, new competitors, new cell culture methods, and new sales and marketing strategies.

This Cell Culture Dashboard was developed based upon the aggregated responses to a 20-question survey completed by 539 scientists actively engaged in mammalian cell culture predominantly located in North America and Europe.  This Dashboard reveals key market indicators for the research market for cell culture products as a whole as well as for the following  product segments representing market sub-segments:

  • Basal media
  • Fetal bovine serum
  • Animal sera
  • Balanced salt solutions
  • Serum free media
  • Dry powdered media
  • Growth and attachment factors
  • Stem cell culture reagents

The following suppliers were surveyed for this report:

  • ATCC
  • Atlanta Biologicals
  • BD Biosciences/Pharmingen
  • Biochrome
  • Millipore/Calbiochem
  • Lonza/Cambrex
  • Cell Sciences
  • Mediatech/Corning
  • GE Healthcare/HyClone/PAA Laboratories
  • Gemini Bio-Products
  • Thermo Fisher/Invitrogen/GIBCO/Pierce
  • Irvine Scientific
  • Peprotech
  • Pomega
  • PromoCell
  • Roche Applied Science
  • Sigma Aldrich
  • Wisent Bioproducts

5  Executive Summary

7  Dashboard “At A Glance”

10  Market Opportunity Matrix

12  Respondents Qualification

14  Demographics

16  Frequency of Performance: Life Science Techniques

20  Frequency of Performance: Cell Culture Products

34  Co-Performance: Cell Culture & Life Science Techniques

37  Throughput Data

43  Monthly Spend, Expected Change in Spend & Supplier Share of Spend

73  Market Size

75  Customer Satisfaction & Interest in Switching

80  Purchase Decision Factors: Product Features

84  Primary & Secondary Downstream Applications

87  Desired Product Changes

97  Appendix I: Supporting Data

106  Appendix II: Percepta Capabilities and Life Science Dashboards™ Available


Mammalian Cell Culture DATA 2015

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