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2015 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboard Series 5 – NA & EU -

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Catalog number: 1504GEP
Publication date: April 2015
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Gene expression profiling (GEP) methods enable the quantification of multiple transcripts from a single RNA sample. Powerful and continually evolving methods, such as short-read sequencing (RNA-seq), microarray analysis, quantitative real-time RT-PCR, as well as traditional methods for differential gene expression studies using multiplex endpoint PCR and northern blot analysis are employed by scientists to analyze gene function, identify new therapeutic and diagnostic targets, and to map pathways involved in development and disease.

Percepta’s 2015 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboard™ is the fifth in a series that characterizes the dynamic market for products for profiling gene expression. This 2015 Dashboard provides a snapshot of the current market landscape that is compared with data from the 2012 and in some cases 2010 and 2008 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboards, providing an ongoing picture of how the market is adapting to new products, new competitors and new sales and marketing strategies.

The 2015 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboard™ was developed from responses to a 21-question survey completed by 382 scientists located in North America and Europe. These respondents perform gene expression profiling methods on a regular basis. This dashboard reveals key market indicators for the gene expression profiling market as a whole as well as for the following methods representing market sub-segments:


  • Differential gene expression studies using multiplex endpoint PCR
  • Digital gene expression/molecular barcodes
  • Microarray-based gene expression studies (including bead arrays)
  • qRT-PCR (cDNA template) using gene specific fluorescent probe
  • qRT-PCR (cDNA template) using non-specific SYBR Green
  • Northern blot analysis
  • Serial analysis of gene expression studies
  • Transcriptome studies using tiling arrays
  • Transcriptome studies via (RNA-seq) short-read sequencing


List of Companies Surveyed

Please note that respondents were provided with an option to list other suppliers.

  • Affymetrix/eBiosciences
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Bio-Rad
  • Clontech/TAKARA
  • GE Healthcare
  • IDT (Integrated DNA Technology)
  • Illumina
  • Luminex
  • Nanostring
  • New England Biolabs
  • NimbleGen/Roche Applied Sciences
  • Promega
  • Qiagen/Pacific Biosciences
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • SuperArray Biosciences
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific (includes Life Technologies)
  • Homemade reagents


Table of Contents

5         Executive Summary

7          Dashboard “At a Glance”

11         Market Opportunity Matrix

13          Respondents Qualification

15          Demographics

17          Frequency of Performance: Life Science Techniques

21          Frequency of Performance: Gene Expression Profiling-Related Techniques

36          Co-Performance: Gene Expression Profiling-Related & Life Science Techniques

39          Experimental Unit Throughput

46          Stated Price per Reaction/Expected Change in Experimental Unit Volume/Supplier Share

78          Market Size

80          Customer Satisfaction & Interest in Switching

86          Purchase Decision Factors: Product Features

98          Primary & Secondary Downstream Applications

110         Types of Analyses Performed

114         Desired Product Changes

119         Unmet Product Needs

122         Appendix I: Supporting Data

132         Appendix II: Percepta Capabilities and Life Science Dashboards™ Available


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