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Customer Opinion: Most Memorable Advertisements for Reagents & Instruments -

Memorable Ads CoverPublication Date: September 2013
Company-wide electronic copy: Complimentary



We set out to understand, at a top level, which life science suppliers are recognized in the industry for having the most memorable advertising, for reagents and instruments. The questions posed to North American, European and Chinese audiences were:

Q: Which life science reagent supplier has the most memorable advertising? (free text)

Q: Which life science instrument supplier has the most memorable advertising (free text)

The responses were unprompted and participants simple wrote in an online survey their supplier of choice. The questions were stated in English language for North America and Europe and in Chinese for China.

These questions were posed online to Percepta’s global panel of active life science resarchers in quarter 2 of 2013.


Please download the free report using the “Free Report” tab (below)

Please download the free report using the “Free Report” tab (below)

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