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2013 - Impact of Sequestration on U.S. Academic Life Science Research -

Sequestration Cover
Publication date: April 2013
Company-wide electronic copy: Complimentary



This market snapshot report summarizes results of Percepta's benchmarking study on the effects of budget sequestration on U.S. academic life science research laboratories. On March 1st, 2013, the Federal government implemented a series of spending cuts, or budget sequestration, that cancels approximately $85 billion in budgetary resources across the Federal government for the remainder of the Federal 2013 fiscal year. In late March, 2013 congress formalized the budget which imparts a $1.5 billion sequestration cut to the National Institutes of Health. Percepta fielded a survey and collected data regarding these NIH budget reductions on March 20th, between the two aforementioned time periods.



Researchers were asked how, if at all, budget sequestration implementation has impacted their life science spending habits today versus the prior 'fiscal cliff anticipation period' which coincided with the new federal budget cycle.

The two periods tracked in this snapshot report are October 2012 – February 2013 and March – May 2013.

The survey monitored:

  • whether laboratory spend has/will increase (%), decrease (%) or remain the same
  • whether personnel will be impacted due to sequestration
  • whether the threat of sequestration has caused changes to lab throughput
  • how life science reagent and instrument laboratory spend has/will be implemented due to sequestration and/or the threat of sequestration
  • how research institutes/organizations are affected by sequestration
  • the impact sequestration will have on the frequency of performance of various analytical applications in the next 12 month
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